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Awareness Skills & Materials

The keys to supporting those with Dementia in church is commitment, support  and awareness.  This needs to start from the top and become embedded in every part of the church family and, whilst the financial costs to enable this are not high it does take real commitment and long term adjustments to make it work well for your church.

The good news is  WE CAN HELP

We are committed to helping churches become Dementia Friendly by helping leaders understand dementia, what dementia friendly church is and by providing the tools and resources needed in order to support this transformation.  Developing a dementia friendly church is not difficult but needs a little commitment.

We will also audit your building to ensure that it is also dementia friendly and make recommendations in order to make it more friendly to those with dementia.

This is a rewarding journey which reflects God's continued love for those with Dementia


1 to 1 Church Leaders Sessions

Awareness Resources

If invited we will come and meet with church leaders

1 to 1 to talk about how to minister to those with dementia and how to make your their church, whatever its context, more dementia friendly.  We will help you develop a dementia friendly environment in your church which is complimentary to the context into which you minister.

Prama have developed an awareness and resource booklet for churches.  This includes information on what Dementia is, how to communicate with people with dementia, how to make buildings more dementia-friendly and how to put together dementia friendly services and groups.

We can also come and speak at  church conferences and away days to help build Dementia Friendly church awareness at a wider level.

Building Audits

Group Dementia Friends Sessions

Prama have developed with permission a building audit tool based on a piece of work carried out for Alzheimers Society Australia. This looks at how dementia friendly a church is for a visitor coming to a service.  At the end of the audit a recommendations report is produced and a table showing how your church building sits benchmarked against similar church buildings.

Our Ambassadors are more than happy to deliver Dementia Friends sessions to your groups and congregation helping to bring a better understanding of this disease to your church community.

We can spend time with church leaders to talk about Dementia Friendly church and how to minister to those who develop dementia. Helping leaders to think more fully into this area and how best to bring their community and buildings in to a place where they are dementia friendly.  



We have produced Resources to support churches become Dementia Friendly.  We can also arrange to provide church leader training, conference speakers and awareness sessions with teams and team leaders to help them become Dementia Friends (delivered using the awareness materials and champions trained by Alzheimer's Society)

To Download our Resource Pack Here



We can audit your church building using a tool specifically developed for church buildings.  This will deliver a report with recommended actions in order to make your building more dementia friendly and provide benchmark data compared to similar church buildings.


We can help arrange sessions for your church groups and group leaders.  These are in two parts.  The first part is Dementia Friends training and the second part is how this can translate into a church environment. 

Dementia Friendly Ministries

We will help your church network with other churches in your area with a passion for helping those with dementia.  This could help deliver sustainable structures to ensure that there is always a Dementia Friendly service in an area that people could attend and we will help to link you with other churches delivering Dementia Friendly services and groups.

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