What is a Dementia Friendly Church?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

In short terms a Dementia Friendly Church in its truest sense is a church where someone with Dementia can turn up at just about anything that is targeted at their age group and feel welcomed, understood and catered for.

Lunch club, no problem come and eat

House Group/Small Group/Cell Group, a group available run by Dementia Friends aware members of the congregation

Sunday Services, welcoming with Dementia Friends available to help and a quiet space available if needed

Regular Dementia Friendly Services available

Memory Lane or Singing For the Brain kind of groups available

Services being taken into local care homes that are Dementia Friendly

Building Accessible, audited buildings and actions taken to ensure that there are no barriers to the person with dementia and signage is clear and plentiful

Pastoral priorities given to primary carers (often a husband or a wife) to prevent the feeling of isolation, loneliness and disconnection from church

Leaders with a real heart for those with dementia and their families

Local Churches working together to support those with dementia

The list above is not prescriptive but gives you an idea of what a dementia friendly church is like. If we see just a small shift in this direction across the country the impact on those with dementia and their families will be massive. We have heard that it really helps to lift some of the burden for families and carers when they find a church that's there for them.

Seems a massive ask and task.

Church leaders are not alone we are there to help. Why not contact us through our services web-page contact form and have a chat with us.

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