Suggested Order of Service

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

We have held off from putting together a suggested Dementia Friendly Order of Service as we have felt that church leaders know the context of their setting and we didn't want to be prescriptive. However, we have received many requests from church leaders over the years for at least a rough guide. Therefore, we have today published suggested order of service for both normal and a communion services which can be accessed from our Resources Guide page.

And Exciting Hot Off The Press Liturgy News

We have also been in touch with the Church of England Head of Publishing looking to see if we can help them develop a Dementia Friendly Service liturgy with the relevant councils and Church House Publishing using authorised texts. Initial responses from this contact have been very positive. So watch this space if you are a priest in the Anglican Church wanting an authorised service liturgy. Exciting times are ahead.


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