Anglican Church Leading the way

It was really exciting to be a part of a meeting at Church House talking about how the Anglican, Church of England, can develop its ministry to those living with dementia nationally. This was a very positive meeting.

The meeting was chaired by the Bishop of Carlisle, Rt Rev James Newcome. Also in the room Rev'd Dr Brenden McCarthy the Archbishops' Council's National Adviser on Medical Ethics and Social Care Policy, Anna's Chaplains and Parish Nurses and Lichfield Diocese, Rev'd Dr David Primrose, who is doing some really strong work in the area of Dementia Friendly church.

It is so good to see that dementia is firmly on the agenda of the Church of England and the actions and commitment to this area of ministry coming out of the meeting will hopefully begin to cascade out to many other Diocese in the coming years. There is even a possibility that Dementia Friendly church may become a topic discussed at the Lambeth Conference at some-point in the future.

We watch this space in great anticipation and welcomed the opportunity to be involved in these discussions.


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