A First For Us - Practice Health Champions

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

On Friday we ran a Dementia Friends session at Citygate Church in Bournemouth.

That's great you say, don't you do that all the time?

Yes we do, but, what was great about this session was that we had a number of the participants from local Doctors Surgeries who were their Practice Health Champions.

This was a really good opportunity to let the health sector in this area know that the church is taking Dementia seriously and whilst most of the material delivered is from the Alzheimer's society, it was a great opportunity in both introduction and wrap up to share some of the great things I have seen personally in some of our churches, especially around the provision of groups that are dementia friendly and specific dementia friendly church services.

This was an interesting session and it surprised me that practice champions do not receive Dementia Friends sessions as a matter of course.

The church can make such a difference to the community around it and to be able to share this with people who would not normally come in to a church this was a real privilege.


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