A Christmas Reflection

For families with someone living with dementia, Christmas can sometimes feel a tough time as they look back and remember Christmas' before dementia. This is a time when families come together. It is good to remember the past together but it is also important to make new memories together. They may be different than past memories but still, they should be good.

Going to church should be one of those events that are accessible and enjoyable. Carol services, candles, nativity scenes, quiet services, joyful services, mass. Only the family will know which type of service is best for their loved one. But don't miss out. It is in singing and traditional times such as Christmas that those living with dementia often come out of themselves. A real opportunity to make great new memories. The ritual and familiarity of the Christmas services being an anchor in the memory which for many bring much enjoyment for those with dementia. Connecting with the sacred helping to find peace.

The most important thing is to enjoy this time of year together as a family. If your loved one is enjoying something then carry on, if they are feeling distressed do something different. If your loved one wants to be quiet and alone that is OK too. There is no real right or wrong but try and make this time enjoyable for all of the family and make some great new memories together.

Happy Christmas and a blessed new year to you all.


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